Benefits of being a ZIHRM Member

• Professional Affiliation.

• You stand a better chance of getting employed because it is illegal for an employer to engage an HR practitioner without ZIHRM Membership and a practicing certificate.

• Easy access to the Zambian Labour Laws and amendments as the Institute enjoys close relations with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

• Personal development through Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

· ZIHRM offers a series of workshops, seminars and conferences that are designed to ensure that members are kept abreast with latest happenings in the business world.

• Broadened interaction and networking opportunities with fellow Human Resource Management Practitioners and business persons at ZIHRM events.

• You can use the designated letters after your name e.g. FZIHRM (for Fellows), and AZIHRM (for Associates).

• ZIHRM members have access to the Institute’s technical support on various issues.

• ZIHRM gives you a platform and an opportunity to contribute to the economic development of the nation by getting involved in matters of national development.


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