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The Zambia Institute of Human Resource Management (ZIHRM) is a professional organisation established under Act No. 11 of 1997. The Council is the policy making and governing body of the Institute.
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  • Our Vision
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  • Our Values - (ProFIIT)
A Premier professional Institute promoting excellence in Human Resource practice and standards.
To continuously develop, regulate and standardize the Human Resource Management profession through international best practice, in order to exceed stakeholder expectations, maximize productivity and contribute to national development.

Professionalism : We shall conduct ourselves in an ethical manner in the execution of our duties to promote excellence and total quality management.

Fairness: We shall foster the creation of a just and equitable environment which supports impartial HRM practice.

Integrity: We shall put the obligations of the profession above personal interests and conduct ourselves in a manner that is beyond reproach.

Innovation: We shall endeavor to promote generation and transfer of fresh ideas, ideals and practices that support the HRM profession.

Transparency: We shall conduct our affairs in an open manner that fosters accountability for our actions to our stakeholders.


    ONLINE TRAINING WORKSHOP Training Programme Overview This training programme is an intermediate/advanced level human resources management and development offering. The programme effectively blends the theory and practice of human resource management development metrics with practical application tools, techniques, process models and frameworks and other ROI performance metrics. At the conclusion of this programme, learners will be capacitated to master the various human resource management development metrics processes and tools and to develop a human resource management scorecard to measure the strategic and operational Impact and value of the human resource management function and practices
  • FEE: +

    K 2,500
  • TOPICS: +

    Human Resources Management Metrics and analytics Training

    Dr. Charles Cotter
  • For registration use the link below +

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The Zambia Institute of Human Resource Management (ZIHRM) is a professional organisation established under Act No. 11 of 1997. .

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