Zambia Institute Of Human Resource Mangement


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Code of Ethics


In pursuant to the Zambia Institute of Human Resources Management Act No. 11 of 1997, a Human Resource Practitioner should abide by the following:

  1. Uphold the good name of the institute and the Human Resources Management profession;
  2. Respect the constitution and the laws of Zambia in their performance;
  3. Promote and uphold employment practices that guard against any form of discrimination based on gender, age, ethnic group, political affiliation, creed, religion or disability;
  4. Accept full responsibility of one’s office and that of his or her subordinates and not misuse the authority of one’s office for any personal gain to the detriment of the company or the Institute;
  5. Comply with labour laws of Zambia relating to the Management of the organization with which one is connected and do one’s best to operate within the spirit of such laws.
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